Sidney vs The Week 5/29/15


Well week…ya did it again.

Johnny Depp Faces Potential Charges for Bringing Dogs to Australia – That’s just what officials said…it was actually done to prevent another Pirates of the Carribean sequel.

Lindsey Lohan Finished Community Service – Great! All she needs….a reason to celebrate and party.

Rick Santorum Announced He’s Running for President – I wonder if he got a 2-4-1 deal in terms of a speech writer writing his announcement AND concession speech?

J.Lo Confetti Bombed by Clown at Airport – When the TSA has to get involved, this takes clown fear to an entirely new level.

Child Throws Tantrum at White House – And yet…still not as bad as Congressional Republicans.

Paula Jones Says Not to Let Bill Back Into the White House – I don’t know what the joke is: That she thinks Hillary isn’t boss enough to run her own ship or that Paula thinks her opinion matters.

And the Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – The girl that through a tantrum at the White House…it’s Friday…we’re all at that point. This girl just hit that point sooner than us…I get it.

Last week you agreed with me about Matthew Lewis…if you know what’s good for you this week….you’ll do the same.

Nice try week…try harder.

Keep geek.


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