Sidney vs The Week 9/25/15


Dear Week….you’re a mess. Here’s exactly why….

Viola Davis Nails Emmy Speech – No joke….just watch it.

In case you ever needed to know what evil looks like.
In case you ever needed to know what evil looks like.

Start Up CEO Raises Price on AIDS Meds to $750 A Pill – Ya know when you tell your friends, as a joke, “OMG! You’re going to hell!” ….his friends ACTUALLY mean it.

Scream Queens Debuts and Features Nick Jonas Like This ^ – Ryan Murphy sure knows how to distract from lack of story and/or terrible dialogue.

Azaela Banks Calls Flight Attendant Homophobic Slur – Can someone get this bitch a chair…and then hit her with it. She’s done.

Fuck you, sell out.
Fuck you, sell out.

Stonewall Director Says He Made Film Whitewashed for Straight Audiences to Better Understand – Yeah, cause that’s what a historical film needs, no historical basis. Seriously, fuck you Roland Emmerich.


And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…Viola Davis. Why? Well if you have to ask….go watch that speech again.

Disagree…well tell me….because otherwise I’ll assume I’m right…which I am.

Keep geek.

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