Sidney vs The Week – 10/31/14

This week was lovely…know why? Cause of these people and their foolishness.

Monica Lewinsky Calls Herself the First Victim of Cyber Bullying – Sorry bout it girl, guess you hitched yourself to the wrong star(r). It gets better?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Canceled As Mama June Dates Rapist – Don’t ya wish TLC also canceled stupid people on TV when they did dumb shit? COUGHduckdynastyCOUGH.

Wendy Williams Makes Transphobic Bruce Jenner Joke – Gay groups call her out while more wonder how she’s still a thing.

Marvel Studios Fan Event
Marvel Studios Announces Phase Three Films – DC films orders color swatches to pick the perfect shade of white flag their building.

Apple CEO Openly Comes Out Officially – We know queen…we know….we’ve known the whole time.

Well the Champion of the Week is obvious…Tim Cook. Sure it pretty common information, but the point is it’s now more well known and that is actually a massive thing for the gay movement.

Disagree *stares* well cast your vote below and be wrong.

Thanks Week…you were…well…well the trick of Halloween’s trick and treating.

Y’all be safe tonight.

Keep geek.


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