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Sidney vs The Week 11/21/14

Ok so this week did a pretty bang up job of banging up the joint….here is how!

Lifetime Makes Aaliyah Movie Without Aaliyah Music – It was as good as that sounds.

Charles Manson Getting Married to Superfan – Gay couples still can’t get married everywhere.

People accuse Bill Cosby of Rape – Ok admit it…we didn’t see this coming.

Cellulite and Tattoo Stickers Created for Barbie to add Realism – What about condoms and birth control?

The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer debuted – That sound you heard was a collective “Squeeeeeee!”

The Champion of the Week isssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…The Pitch Perfect 2 trailer….cause seriously…in a time where things feel like a bummer…that 2 and a half minute video appeared everywhere…fast…and made a ton of people smile.

Disagree…well last week a comet won sooooooo yeah…you people are in to some kink…you know what to do.

Keep geek.


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