Sidney vs The Week – 1/16/15


Well this week clearly had a case of the Bieber Fever….how so? Right here.

Justin Bieber Catches Flack for Alleged CK Photoshop – Yes, cause it would be the FIRST time photoshop was used on a model.

Mariah Carey Heads to Vegas for Show Residency –I think I’ll just go to the Divas Las Vegas, it’s the better Mariah experience in Vegas.

Justin Bieber offered $2 million dollars to do Gay Porn With a Johnny Rapid – Well ya know what they say, two bottoms don’t make a right…either way…we’ll allow it.

Bethanny Frankel to Launch Skinnygirl Weed – Ya know…for all those calories ingested from weeds.

The Academy Award Nominations Announced – …and they were super white. Wes Anderson was nominated over the Selma director. Only thing whiter than that…is watching a Wes Anderson movie.

Justin Bieber Accidentally Attends Log Cabin Republican Dinner – So that the answer to the $2 million dollar question?


And the the winner isssssssssssssss…Bieber because I mean…he has had quite the week…and could walk out with an easy $2 million…and then we would ALL win…maybe.

If you disagree…you should let me know.

Thanks week…maybe next time don’t reak of Axe bodyspray.

Keep geek.


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