Sidney VS The Week 1/9/15


Oh…oh yeah Week…I’m back…in full force. I gave you a holiday pass but new year, new battles in the world of pop culture to be fought. Let’s go!

Kanye Fans Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney Is

My thoughts on anyone who thought that as summed up by Yeezus himself.
My thoughts on anyone who thought that as summed up by Yeezus himself.

Sony to Release Updated $1100 Walkman – If were bringing things back from the dead, I wish it would have been Steve Jobs so he can create an iPod that cooks bacon.

Justin Bieber is the New Face Of Calvin Klein Underwear – A model body (apparently) and a personality that only a mother could loathe like the rest of us.

Nicole Kidman Reveals Jimmy Fallon Had a Chance – Do Jimmy and his wife not have like, a list? Similarly do Kidman and Keith Urban have one…or is Jimmy Fallon on both lists?

And the FIRST Champion of the Week of 2015 isssssssssssssssss…Kanye’s fans who don’t know Paul McCartney. They win only because it seems like they don’t have a lot of good in their lives without the Beatles.

Disagree? Really…that’s still a thing? Ugh…well. Ok…you can vote here at let me know who you would vote for.

Glad to be back.

Keep geek.


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