Sidney vs The Week 8/8/14


The week felt like laying low and really keeping it sassy geek…but that doesn’t mean I won’t bring it down a peg.


Guardians of the Galaxy Opened – …and we, as a society, are all better for it…we are Groot.

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.46.57 PM
This photo of Lindsey Lohan^^ – How is she, tho? I’m talking about the child…I’m legit worried.

Colton Haynes Live Tweets Couples First Date – He can live tweet other people’s dates but has still has NOT returned my requests for dates…or dropping the restraining order.

Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice is pushed from May to March of 2015 – Based on everything we know of this movie…are we sure straight to DVD isn’t the best option for this one?

Skynet Launches in the Form of Facebook Messenger – People were outraged by the privacy setting of their free social media, luckily for them they had their newsfeeds and walls to complain about it on.


Champion of the Week is…Guardians of the Galaxy. We’ve knew nothing before about this relative unknown comic book but it really dominated pop culture in addition to the box office.

Last week y’all didn’t think Leo’s water world was worth it but did enjoy the Bieber/Bloom stuff. See what happens, you disagree with me and Bieber gets a victory. Disagree again? Tell it to the poll.

Ya know week…you kinda made it super easy so up your game.

Keep geek.


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