Sidney vs The Week 9/12/14


Are you ready for some football?! Cause this week sure was…we’re we? Well…you decide.

Ray Rice Suspended Indefinitely for Punching Wife – Suspended??! Ummmmm…no we fire him for that and then send him to jail…where his warden is Solange.

Nick Jonas Keeps Showing Abs (read: pandering) at NYC Gay bars – No one seems to mind.

Charlie Sheen gives $1,000 to Waiter Given a .20 cent tip by NFL player – How fucked up is the NFL when Charlie Sheen is the saint by comparison?

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus announced – Wait…didn’t we have a bigger cell phone once…and didn’t we decide we hated it? Guess not. By all means, talk into your iPad, have fun at the club in your skinny jeans, and good luck not looking like a douche.

Rihanna Song Pulled from Ravens Game Amidst Domestic Abuse Scandal – Yes…let’s not let a domestic abuse victim’s song play..yeah, that should make the media not focus on the scandal.

Aaaaaaaand the Champion of the Week is………………Charlie Sheen for being the one to do the nice thing this week.

Remember that earlier part of me saying, “You decide.” Well…do just that and vote below!

Ya know, week…you sure did make things far to easy…not sure that’s a good thing in this case…but I’ll see ya next week.

Keep geek.


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