Sidney vs The Week – 9/17/14


Ok…we still haven’t found Lohan but we found all these people…

Snoop and Iggy Azalea have a social media feud – Riddle me this: If Snoop and Iggy have a social media feud and the whole public can see it….does the whole public care?

Amanda Bynes Parents Commit Her – Where were these parents a year ago…Amanda Bynes paid for these parents….didn’t she?

Erykah Badu Performs for Money in Times Square and makes $4 – New York’s cultural status under review from those with taste.

DC & Warner Brothers Announce Film Slate Through 2020 – …and you can read Not Safe 4 Werk’s thoughts on those films here and here!

Neil Patrick Harris to Host Oscars 2015 – So add “Every time NPH does a musical number” to your Oscar Viewing Party drinking game.

And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssss….Erykah Badu for being absolutely fabulous and still rocking her voice.

Last week’s fan poll went to Jessica Lange for snubbing Lea Michelle on the red carpet…we’re sure Jessica will look STUNNING in the NS4W Fan Poll Championship. Don’t agree with my champion this week? Well I understand (I don’t). You can vote and voice your opinion on who you think shoulda won (#thanksobama).

Thanks for showing up this week, Week.

Keep geek.


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