Sidney vs The Week 9/29/14


This week featured a lot at the start and at the end which means it’s anchored by some solid gold gems…more so on the earlier side..literally. It really did in fact…wake up like dis:

Beyoncé Performs Entire Visual Album at VMAs – The world, in unison, says “YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

The International Hand Symbol for ‘Can’t be bothered.”

This gif of Gwen Stefani ^

Breaking Bad dominates the Emmy’s – Because…well if you need to know why…you clearly need to watch the show.

Hello Kitty Not an Actual Cat – White American girls reach new level of “can’t even.”
The children in Ethiopia…have yet to comment.

Joan Rivers stops breathing. Revived. In Stable, yet critical condition – Don’t even joke like that!


The Champion of the Week goes to Joan Rivers, for looking death in the face and saying, “NOT TODAY, SATAN!”

Disagree? Well Chiffon tells me it’s ok for some people to have other opinions…Chiffon and I often disagree…but she needs proof.

Can’t wait for next week when pop culture get’s cute…or so it says.

Keep geek.


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