True Blood –
Lost Cause

Ok, so if you couldn’t tell through situational awareness, the show is focusing on the main core group…which they wanted you to know by making up an excuse to put them all in one location despite it not really making sense.

Bill having HEP V makes things interesting. It ups the stakes (see what I did there?) and really does make the final conflict hit much more at home, which is hopefully for the best.

There are two really good things to discuss this week.

1) Pam & Eric are single handedly saving the show’s ending. Anything they have done has been engrossing and truly the best. Sookie might be the protagonist and Bill her on/off romance the central story…but Pam & Eric will be the ones responsible if this show has a soft landing.

2) The writing this episode. While yeah, the premise of “HOUSE PARTY FOR THE WHOLE TOWN” was lame, the writing of scenes in and/around it were great. I can’t remember the last time the writing for the show was as good as this episode featured.

Just an overall comment: Arlene once again killed it. I don’t know what motivated Carrie Preston to take Arlene to the next level for the final season, but I’m so glad she did. It’s been fantastic.

Not really liking more love triangles and love stuff. It really slowed the episode down. Considering it went between the Big Bon Temps House Party to Eric/Pam awesomeness to flashbacks, the episode already had enough problems with pace. Let’s find a way to resolve all these quick, fast, and in a hurry, especially the flashbacks.

In summation, Lost Cause has told us:

“This might be the last moment with Ginger…you were welcome for her. Sookie’s house is never locked. Bill has more money than most and he brings flowers he picked along the way…tacky. We need more of Amber. Eric and Pam can be assholes. Lafayette’s a top…or at least power verse. These flashbacks are in fact, useless. Nicole is supernatural, her power is speaking the voice of the audience for the last two years. Sarah, when asking your mother for help at a TEA Party fundraiser, maybe omit the part where you tell her your Buddhist, something tells me she didn’t raise you that way. Yakuzas, don’t always play, but when they do…it’s with fully automatic weapons. Bill must have been with an uber slutty vamp.”

Ya know it’s funny that the title of this episode was “Lost Cause” since for a while that is what True Blood truly was. We may never have the pristinely engrossing glow of season one back where every episode worked, but if it keep going at this pace, the show will get a better ending than it might have led us to believe it deserves.

Keep geek.


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