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True Blood –

Ok…so we’re gonna be the opposite of tonight’s episode and move quickly along.

The honest truth is that tonight started strong but feel victim to really bad pacing and nothing happening until the final, obvious, reveal that Sarah Newlin, still trying to make a Showgirls reference happen, is the cure for HEP V. Important stuff did happen but it took too long to get to and didn’t leave a whole lot of emotional impact.

I will say this piece of greatness, Lafayette has taken command…taken absolute command over his piece of the world and it has been great. Nelson Ellis deserves a nomination for a major award…he just does.

In summation, Karma, has told us:

“Asian people love John Wayne. James is so sweet, already trying to make a great impression on Lafayette’s family. All that money and Bill doesn’t have a private lawyer. Violet’s tantrum gave us Catwoman everything. HEP V=HIV/AIDS…we got the metaphor. Holly and Andy fighting is adorable still. I’d probably be pissed if Jason wanted to leave me too. Angry Bill is a bad ass Bill. We still need more Amber. We never thought Sarah Newlin would be so important to this story.”

One final note:

I just wanna say, that for all seven seasons, the True Blood theme song has been one of the best theme songs on TV. There have been times where it has been the best part of an episode…it’s both that great and the episode was that bad, regardless, the song deserves a special mention before this all ends.

I think we are about to start our final descent and I truly hope the pace picks up and is never dropped till we cross the finish line.

Keep geek.


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