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True Blood –
Almost Home

Ok, this was my favorite episode of the season. Here is why.

FINALLY! A genuine Bill & Sookie, naturally post coital, moment, it’s been ages, good to see you again. This moment gave some closures to some nagging questions about them but also felt like what we felt in season one, which I feel, made Bill’s decision to not be cured feel more heightened.

The (final) end of Tara was beautifully done. It was the most effective use of flashbacks this season. The way it led to something that gave more closure to a series long storyline, Tara & Lettie Mae. This made the redemption tale that of Tara’s Mom, who was finally saved by her daughter. My only question that I’m left wondering, is could this same closure be achieved if Tara’s mom died instead and helped save Tara?

Realizing what the Tru Blood group was gonna do with the cure was the sinister and I’m so glad to have this final villain, it just absolutely makes sense. Letting Eric & Pam stop the villain while the emotional hurdle is covered by Bill & Sookie. This plays to the characters strengths in terms of what they add to the show. It could work and could lead to quite the satisfying end.

Lastly, the actress who plays Sarah Newlin has knocked it outta the park each time she’s been on screen. Her progressive mental breakdown has made so much sense this whole season and he actress has held up her end each step of the way.

In summation, Almost Home, has told us:

“’Sarah Newlin Crazy’ should be a mainstream phrase. ‘Lafayette! I came as soon as I got your text!’ That line and delivery, tho. Ok…Hoyt was being a dick..MEN..amiright, ladies? Oh…so Tara really always had it rough. Miss Game of Thrones…here is another crazy person torturing people to make you miss it more. It’s never easy watching Tara die. Like OMG, JH & HF 4-Ever! Shoulda known something bad was gonna happen…Anna Paquin and CURE storylines typically don’t end well.”

Two more episodes and I can only hope the final two are on par with this one.

Keep geek.


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