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True Blood - Episode 7.07 - May Be The Last Time

True Blood –
May Be the Last Time

Another mixed bag tonight folks, but literally, split right now the middle in terms of what rocked and what absolutely feel flat.

Eric’s frustration is starting to set in and it’s wonderfully done especially balanced with Pam’s reaction to his outbursts. It’s adding a totally different dynamic, especially when juxtaposed with how Sookie, Jessica, and Bill are handling the HEP V stuff.

I keep saying how Eric, Pam, and Lafayette are the ones saving the show, but as of tonight, after the scene with Sam, I’m adding Arlene to that list. That scene with Sam (and some extent Andy & Holly at the lake in Oklahoma) addresses something about the show that we’ve all wondered for years, “Why don’t these people just leave Bon Temp?” It might not have given an answer we wanted to hear…but it addressed it and at leat

The flashbacks are back, still mean nothing and drag down the show. In terms of the negatives of the final season, these flashbacks as well as the stuff with Arlene and Andy’s kids are meaning nothing. I get that they are building to something with Jessica, but still, there was a clearer path to take.

In summation, One Last Time, has told us:

“Any episode that starts with Eric, Pam, & the Japanese Cowboy is gonna have something good. Arlene ending up with a vampire would be so wonderful considering how she started. Yeah Jason, hit on another one of Hoyt’s girlfriends. Does that doctor take HMO? If not, think she’d be my drinkin buddy? Sookie needs barely HALF an excuse to ugly cry. Buddhism vs Christianity is a debate that belongs on True Blood…apparently. Sarah seeing those people, will not have an explanation. Sookie and Bill have really boring sex.”

Another solid effort, I do still think there is some stuff we could do without, especially with three more episodes left. That said, at least have a good balance for the most part.

Keep geek.


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