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True Blood –
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The show True Blood had a start so strong and episodes so good that it became television’s most captivating show. The finale, was not one of those episode. Truth be told, it pains me to write that. This final season did have some episodes that were great, but given the lack of anything in this finale, it merely served as a reminder of what the show lost the ability to be.

Bill was right to die an it brought to acknowledge the main story, which was the back and forth inconsistency of Sookie’s love for Bill. I think having Sookie kill Bill (sry bout that) made sense on some level, but if she wasn’t gonna give up the light, it made no sense why in fact SHE had to be the one to do it as he was about to die anyway.. The imagery of Bill making his grave honest was well done and shot.

Lafayette wasn’t in the series finale past a glance of him in the pan out…that might actually be the worst part.

I won’t go into all the reasons why I didn’t like the episode because I’ve ranted on the show enough through the years.

In summation, Thank You, has told us:

“Sookie is aware of her own lack of self-respect, 7 seasons later. Bill might be dying but looks super tan doing so. Where is Lafayette? Eric coulda always done that to his enemies but never did…oh…ok. We would only read the parts of Bill’s book about Pam too, Pam. Lafayette hasn’t been seen yet. It was nice to see Gran one last time…where’s Lafayette? Bill has Sookie kill him because of forced symbolism. I’m not sure anything just happened. Sarah is the New Ginger. Wait…seriously…Lafayette wasn’t in the series finale past being seen in the pan out?! True Blood went of the rails long before this.”

Series finales are hard and won’t always meet what you might want for something you’ve given youe time to. This show COULD have had an incredible finale if it tried hard along the way. I hope True Blood can serve as a lesson to other shows that come after it, you can be the hottest thing going but never recover from inconsistent storytelling, despite a stellar cast. True Blood had some good, even great moments during its run,and for any fan of the show, it’s best to remember those moments rather than the ones that ruined it.

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