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cooltext1530809660Game of Thrones –
First of His Name

Game of Thrones was at an outstanding place with this episode. I mean they gave us progression, they gave us backstory, we got reveleations, and Cersei gave SO. MUCH. FACE. So much in one episode. Each and every moment was engaging and was quite expansive

Lena Heady was on another level. She was the gem of this week’s show. She was dripping with emotion and added about 2 miles more of depth to every scene she was in. It was astonishing.

We also really got a lot of style in this episode. Getting to see so much different art direction at once, executed so well, was about half the episode’s greatness.

Anyone else notice how much they got Sansa to look like Catelyn? Like…right in the face. Also, anyone else realize Sansa’s one of the best characters?

In summation, First of His Name, has told us:

“Cersei does not do surprised face often. Dany is going through a ‘talking airily” phase, hopefully not for long. Sun damage is NOT a good look for Ser Jorah, hopefy Daenerys & Co has a kickass HMO. Lysa Arryn…still nuts. The Iron Bank does not play. Brienne and Pod are off to give the Arya & the Hound buddy comedy a run for its money. Cersei vs Oberyn had a major (giving)Face Off, the question is, who won?! Wait a minute, all of the shit is going down beyond the wall.”

Ya know that feeling on a roller coaster when you rise to the top slowly, stop for a moment, before *WHOOOOOOSH* you’re off and you don’t know which way is up? Yeah, tonight felt like that moment…and that moment has ended.

Keep Geek.



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