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Tonight’s episode was bold. It attempted to cover a lot and whether or not that worked might be one of those things we need to look back on and see the just how effective it was.

The Most Awesome of Things

Tyrion and Jorah was great because it really really brought a historical aspect for the world in which the show is based. We have only HEARD of Valryia but never delved into it. I love with the new on screen pairings, the world of Game of Thrones seems bigger and much richer. The two actors have instant chemistry and now that they have more time together, this should be one of the best stories this season.


I Liked It

The Bolton stuff was solid. Something fascinating about that family is they are the ones who have done truly heinous things. In other shows we might have not seen much of them after that, but they are delving down and making these monsters more complex. Adding Sansa into this mix only makes things better. I do feel the Bolton stuff will get better when we see them and Stannis clash.


The Wall stuff seemed a bit of a retread. Jon going beyond The Wall with Wildlings wasn’t exciting. I did enjoy the seeds it seemed to plant but we can’t really have anything be a retread at this point.


Dany…..Dany what is your plan? It seems like everything you accomplish….turns to crap cause you as a leader is just dumb. Oh…and now you’re marrying again because no reasons, this feels like another crappy choice as it makes the least sense. This is why I’ve never been a fan of Dany (the character-Clarke is always fantastic) they never give us a reason past a few moments of badassery, as to why she should be queen. Even if that’s the point, Dany’s character needs to grow because she’s the only one in 5 seasons to not develop at a steady pace.

Kill the Boy, in Summation.

“Remember that time Dany’s dad was called Mad for burning people…she apparently doesn’t. Ramsey Bolton is auditioning for Fifty Shades of Flay. Sansa and dinner scenes….no one can just hang out. Dany…I’m not saying your make crappy decisions…..but you’re not really inspiring people to be Ready for Hillary. Tyrion is thirsty. Jorah SUCKS with navigating and needs some penicillin….like now.”

This episode definitely felt more transitional. I could see the pieces moving but it didn’t seem to all move together. I do know I’m excited to see how this begins to go boom!

Keep geek.


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