Sidney’s Scream Queens Slice: “Scream Again”


Ok, so Horror Story turned out to be just absolute garbage from the getgo….maybe it’ll get better but let’s be real….will it? Will it really? Nah.

FORTUNATELY Ryan Murphy has another horror based show on TV….and on a network that can actually spell out the word Fox.

So WELCOME To Sidney’s Scream Queens Slice!!!


Going in to the season premiere I thought they were doing an anthology series but the twist was that they are using the same characters to tell a different story. Well it got better….somehow….they just kept the story going.

In another world this would be too illogical of a leap to make, but that actually works super well in this show’s favor. Scream Queens is at it’s best when it’s nutty world is merely reality adjacent but not anchored to it. Tonight introduced the bridge from the first season to this current one, and along with it, had new characters meeting with the veterans. The results were the best kind of hilarious that brought everyone back. I need more Kirstie Alley versus Chanel. I feel that’s gonna be better than it has any right to be. I’m very glad they didn’t rush to bring everyone back and rather will do that over time. I really don’t need to see the lead from last season show up again. I can’t even remember her name, she was basically the Ann of this show.*

Emma Roberts still has it with her characterization of Chanel. She has a nuance to her character that many characters on TV just lack the ability to have. Yet she does this with great ease. Roberts continues to add these things and they make up the ways in which we see the different layers to her. This reveal of depth of character will always be what will keep her fresh and funny.

While the first episode was all set up, I do hope it get’s into a groove of not telling the same story in a different setting but finding new ways to tell a story, even if similar to the last, in an entertaining way. That was where it’s strongest moments emanated from last night: It’s ability to entertain with what people love while still being something different.


Lastly, I love that this show embraces it’s camp side. Not all horror needs to be super deep with twists and turns (looking at you AHS), this show makes horror fun. The use of vibrant color is an incredible story telling device that helps push the show forward with tone and atmosphere.

Scream Again, in summation:

That flashback is essentially a symbolic telling of what an HMO is. We should all walk around with the confidence of Munch. Chanel is all of us when seeing Stamos shirtless like that. Ghosting is one thing….and it’s obnoxious. Stamos even out-hots Lautner We all miss Chad Radwell. Vacation will always work as a montage song. The kill scene. This killer’s costume is the poke eveolution of the other. At some point we need to see Sue Sylvester vs Munch and you people all know that.

He's not human....I can live with that.

Ok, well I’m already ready for more and then some.

Keep geek.

*If you don’t get this reference then finish reading this (thank you) and then start Arrested Development.

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