Sidney’s Scream Queens Slice: “Warts and All”


We’re back in the hospital and a few people joined us in the operating room.

Let’s start with…..


It’s nice to have one of the best parts of season one back with us. Loved how they even wrote off last season’s cliff hanger. Glen Powell has this mastery of his character, and source material, that always makes him come off fresh and funny. He does wonders to give this show it’s unique edge. This allows him to be able to have amazingly sharp scenes with anyone. I cannot wait for more of him.

In addition we have the return of Denise Hempfill (Niecy Nash). She, much like Chad, has a control over her character that is from a strong place of originality. While the character is based on a movie stereotype but Niecey Nash really works to give her her own voice and pulse. Hester is back…but um…Lea Michelle won’t be cast as a female Hannibal Lector for a bunch of reasons….tonight showed about most of them.


Chanel # 5’s fundraising video was hilarious AF because making fun of Sarah Mclachlan commercials is always funny and you know it. Abigal Breslin really does make her so much more of a presence than she has any right to be. She’s a punching bag that you want to make fun of but also hug. Unlike Zayday, who hasn’t gotten interesting yet. I know she was better than last season’s lead, but Zayday seems to have been given a lot to carry while a character change is expected. She was never this much of a pushover, I hope they make her strong again.

SCREAM QUEENS: in the all-new “Warts and All” episode of SCREAM QUEENS airing Tuesday, Sep. 27 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2016 FOX Broadcasting Co.

The one big thing is that I’m still not sure what this season is about, yes there a similarity from last season storywise, but having a mystery patient of the week, which is a monster of the week substitute It’s still early but I feel continued use of that will feel like a useless storytelling device here. It might be funny, it just can’t work long term.

Warts and All, In Summation.

“Chanel No 5 is the Jan Brady of this show. That orderly only existed to die. Jerry O’Connell is an experienced killee in slasher movies….and that’s important cause Scream 2 Always is. Kirstie Alley’s hair flip game is strong. I want this show to be more Chad and Uncle Jesse in tight spaces in the shower. Munch always beating the killer is always funny. Lautner, Uncle Jesse, and Chad on screen together needs to take place in the shower. Scream Queens should let Hannibal deal with Hannibal. Colton Haynes will never be less than hot….even in that make up…that’s how handsome he is.”

Ok, Queens…it was fun tonight and I’m ready for more…and even something new.

Keep geek.

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