Sister Indica RECOMMENDS: “Digital Witness” by St. Vincent

1836770_760851550593810_916088250_oHi Friends,

I have a problem with St. Vincent.

The vocals – amazing.  The instrumentation – top-notch (I mean, what an INCREDIBLE guitar player she is).  But the songs…the songs have always left me wanting more.  Not every song mind you, but I find myself usually like one, two maybe three songs off each album.  However, when she gets it right, she gets it really right.

The last St. Vincent album produced one song I went nuts over (“Surgeon”) but as a whole was so lacking that when I heard she had a new album coming out, I didn’t snatch it up immediately.  I then heard about a bizarre/lackluster SNL performance that really didn’t encourage me take a chance on this new album.


Thankfully, I actually watched the SNL performance of “Digital Witness” and loved the song.  I didn’t see what was so bizarre or lackluster about it…I thought the song fun, filled with motion and quirks.  And I’m a sucker for her new styling.

Sadly, I did forget about it…until today when I saw the video (and heard the studio version) of “Digital Witness”.  JEE-ZUS.

I then raced out and got the album, which I really liked – but I’m not here to do an album review, only to implore you to get into this new single and video (though I must say the tracks “Birth In Reverse” and “Bring Me Your Loves” rival “Digital Witness” as best songs on the album).

Is there anyone you like that just doesn’t seem to pull all the elements together?  Hit up your gurl – I want to hear from you!

Your Gurl,

Sister Indica

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