Sister Indica RECOMMENDS HER FRIENDS: “Bae Sick” by the moon baby.


Hi Friends,

OMG it’s the first edition of Sister Indica RECOMMENDS HER FRIENDS! I know a lot of talented folks and this is the place I’ll give them – and their work – some much-deserved love and attention. From now until the end of the year, I’ll feature a different one of my pals, starting with the moon baby.

I can’t even remember when I first became aware of the moon baby because I feel like I’ve always known her, like a vanishing twin. We are both cut from similar creative clothes so I’ve always responded, ecstatically/viscerally, to her work – be it drag, filmmaking or (most dearly) her music. She’s a rule creator desconstructing every medium she works in, making it whatever she wants. Venturing where few have gone, it’s as if her muse were a 7 foot, 350 pound biker you just wouldn’t fuck with.

Let her do her own thing. Please. And people do.

Now signed to indie label Future Gods, the moon baby is back to scandalize with “Bae Sick” the first single off her new EP “”.

When asked about the track, TMB had this to say: “It is a song about that confusing, good dick that you put on a pedestal and would give everything to for no reason. Pick any of the asshole male figures in Girls and this song is written about them by Shosh, sang by Marney, blogged about by Hannah, and totally off the radar of Jessa.”

An exciting new addition to the moon baby show is producer Wise Blood, whom she met on a booze cruise in Pittsburgh. He worked on four of the six tracks on the EP (including “Bae Sick”) adding an atmosphere, structure and momentum not usually found in TMB’s work. I’m glad he’s on board: this is some good shit.

So, like, check it out, k? And tell your homegurl what you think.

Your Homegurl for Life,
Sister Indica

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