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Kate Bush.  To some, she’s a master of her craft and an inspiration to scores of artists.  To others she’s an overrated, ridiculous drama queen.  I’m the former, which you all found out in my last edition of Sister Indica RECOMMENDS.  Kate’s debut album still stands as the most influential album I’ve ever heard, though her entire discography holds a precious place in my heart.

So why am I talking about her today?  It’s not like she has a new album out or anything (the space between her albums is something that is equally fascinating and aggravating…the longest space being the 12 years between The Red Shoes and Aerial).

Kate has returned – but with something much more exciting than an album…she’s returned to the stage after a 35-year absence.  That’s right – Ms. Bush hasn’t done a proper concert since I was an INFANT.  Several reasons are cited: stage fright, the death of a crewmember during her first (and only tour) as well as exhaustion from putting on a production and traveling.  Whatever the reasons, they were all tossed out the window when she embarked on her 22-date performance of her new show: “Before The Dawn”.

Before the Dawn 2

From all reports, the show (with all 8,000 tickets selling out in 15 minutes) is the most ambitious performance in the history of music.  Part concert, part theatre with cutting-edge technology, “Before The Dawn” has gotten some incredible reviews, proclaiming Bush to be at the top of her game.  The excitement over this show has also placed 8 of her albums into the British charts (breaking another record).

Sadly, I wasn’t able to get to London to see these shows.  I was given a special code to get tickets but I did the Sisterly thing and gave it to someone in England who would actually use it.  If there’s a heaven, this selfless act alone guarantees my entrance.

What’s most thrilling about “Before The Dawn” is that it features both of Kate’s concept pieces: The Ninth Wave (from Hounds of Love) and A Sky of Honey (from Aerial).  These two pieces stand as the strongest work she’s ever done and make up the bulk of this new show – and no one’s complaining about it.

In celebration of Kate’s triumphant return to the stage and (for many) the world, I’ve created an ultimate playlist – my Top 25 Favorite Kate Bush tracks.  Some of her biggest hits are missing from this and some of her more obscure songs make the cut because I’m fancy like that.

Before teh dawn 3

Sister Indica’s Top 25 Favorite Kate Bush Tracks: The ULTIMATE Playlist: 

  1. Nocturn (Aerial, A Sky of Honey)
  2. Aerial (Aerial, A Sky of Honey)
  3. Mrs. Bartolozzi (Aerial)
  4. Moving (The Kick Inside)
  5. Strange Phenomena (The Kick Inside)
  6. Kite (The Kick Inside)
  7. Them Heavy People (The Kick Inside)
  8. Wow (Lionheart)
  9. Hammer Horror (Lionheart)
  10. Blow Away (For Bill) (Never For Ever)
  11. Breathing (Never For Ever)
  12. Get Out of My House (The Dreaming)
  13. Night of the Swallow (The Dreaming)
  14. The Big Sky (Hounds of Love)
  15. Cloudbusting (Hounds of Love)
  16. And Dream of Sheep (Hounds of Love, The Ninth Wave)
  17. Deeper Understanding (The Sensual World)
  18. This Woman’s Work (The Sensual World)
  19. The Red Shoes (The Red Shoes)
  20. Lily (The Red Shoes)
  21. The Song of Solomon (The Red Shoes)
  22. Eat the Music (The Red Shoes)
  23. Misty (50 Words for Snow)
  24. Wild Man (50 Words for Snow)
  25. 50 Words for Snow (50 Words for Snow)

Which songs do you think are glaringly missing from my Ultimate Playlist?  Were you one of the lucky 8,000 to see “Before The Dawn”?  I want to hear from you!

Your Homegurl for Life,
Sister Indica

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