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Hi Friends,

This may come as a surprise to you (or maybe not, with the name I have) but behind all this flawless (and I do mean flawless) paint and glamorous attire lays a hippy boy (or as my dear Sister Edith MyFlesh would say: A DIRTY HIPPY).

Your gurl loves jam bands (not as much as she likes indie rock, but it’s up there).  I enjoy The Dead, Widespread Panic, Particle, moe. and others – but NONE as much as my absolute favorite band: PHISH.  I have seen Phish (and various side projects by the members) over 40 times, in many states and cities.  I’ve even been to two very important Phish festivals: Coventry (their famous “last festival ever” when we thought they were breaking up) and 8 (the first festival after their break-up, which was held on the same grounds as Coachella.  In fact, if you go to Coachella and ride the huge Ferris wheel, you have Phish to thank for it…they left it behind as a gift).

So you get the point – I love them.  I have all their albums and many, many live recordings.  They just came out with their latest offering “Fuego” (which means “fire” in Spanish) and it’s everything I expected it to be – and that’s a compliment.  There really isn’t one studio album that I dislike.  There are some I like more than others but no real “duds” to speak of in their catalog (which would be hotly debated amongst Phish phans but whatever – let them write their own damn column).


The first – and last – few songs on the album rock my world the most but none more than the dreamy/classic-rock slow burner “Waiting All Night”.

The music!  The harmonies!  It’s everything a gurl like me wants!

Is there an artist or band few would expect you to have on the turntable?  Hit me up and let me know!  Let’s get all interactive and shit.

Your Gurl,

Sister Indica

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