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Maybe it’s because I’m in a new city (which is technically an OLD city for me) but I felt like switching things up a bit.  Gone is Sister Indica RECOMMENDS. Gone is #OBSESH. I’m now bringing you Sister Indica Says…sometimes it’ll be a video I want you to check out, a song I want you to hear, a TV show I want you to watch – hell, maybe even a restaurant I want you to eat at. So basically I’m merging those two columns and bringing you even MORE because you know you can’t shut me up.


Today, I have something I want you to HEAR and WATCH: the debut music video by RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 contestant Miss Fame called “Rubber Doll”.

Drag Race queens pumping out singles and albums is nothing new – but the quality of those efforts is certainly debatable. When it comes to Miss Fame, after seeing her in this season’s singing challenges I wasn’t expecting her to turn around and do a song (and from what I’ve read, an album)…and I certainly wasn’t expecting her to do something I’d really be into. I mean, she can beat a mug like nobody’s business and work a runway like few others (Raja for instance…maybe even mother Ru herself) but sing? Give me a break!

Well, toss any doubts out the window: Miss Fame has delivered a product that is as high quality as her custom couture garments.   She can sing (what a great vocal tone) and she makes one hell of a video vixen.

What do you think of “Rubber Doll”? Are you going to download it on iTunes? What’s your favorite look from the video? Are you looking forward to a full-length release? Spill it in the comment section below.

Your Homegurl for Life,
Sister Indica

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