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Sitting With Spencer: An Interview with Krysta Youngs

sitting with spencer

This week, I had a chance to talk with the beautiful Krysta Youngs! Krysta has been putting out hit pop songs time and time again. Her most recent success is known as “Gold Grill BBQ” with features from the amazing Laganja Estranja and Melanie Fontana. Krysta’s music is young and exhilarating and I was more than excited to get to know this amazing artist as she releases the new music video to Gold Grill BBQ!


Spencer: Krysta! It is a pleasure to finally meet you! I have to tell you, once I heard about the possible interview, I kind of just started binge listening to your music! All of your songs are hits in my opinion. Not to mention, Gold Grill BBQ is Grammy worthy at this point…

Krysta: Ahhhhh!!! Thank you Spencer.  I was honored that you reached out to me to do an interview. It actually really made my day.


Spencer: Haha I’m glad to hear that! That is what we do here at Not Safe 4 Werk… make peoples days! So when I take a look at all you have done, it seems you are very passionate about your art. What got you into music?

Krysta: Music got me into music.  It’s gotten me through all the really tough times in my life and helped me celebrate all of the really great times.  I want my music to be that escape for other people.  I want to play it forward.

Spencer:  Of course, music has always been quite the “safe place” for people in the darkest of times and brightest of times. What inspires you as an artist?

Krysta: Art, books, movies, people, myself. I really enjoy exploring; seeing new things.  I also really fancy shopping.  Thrifting is my weakness. You’d be surprised how much inspiration comes from just looking at and touching people’s discarded belongings. Everything has a story, you just have to dig for it.  I also love looking inside people’s windows.  #creepy


Spencer: Thrifting is an addiction. I am currently getting help for it, it is a real disease ya know? Also don’t be worried about the window thing, I often catch Chiffon peeking through my window as well. If you could pick anyone to collaborate with in terms of music, who would you choose and why?

Krysta: I would hands down die to work with Diane Warren.  She’s a beast of a songwriter and she has a potty mouth that I adore.  In order to be great you have to surround yourself with greatness and to me she is an absolute icon.

Spencer: That is completely understandable. From what I’ve seen, she is quite the accomplished songwriter. So you just came out with a new song and music video yourself, what can we expect to see from Krysta Youngs in the future?

Krysta: Right now I’m still writing for other artists but I’m working on an EP that  I.Cannot.Wait to release.  I’m really proud of the songs I’ve written and am excited to start shooting the music video for the title track.  


Spencer: Gah!! I am too excited for this EP to happen! I’m sure it is going to be great. Okay, now let’s talk about your new song, Gold Grill BBQ. I first heard the song without watching the music video, and I was getting down in my bedroom. It’s a pretty hood song! Then I saw the music video and it was even more fun! The collaboration between Laganja, Melanie, and yourself was definitely a great combination! Tell me about your whole idea behind the video?

Krysta: Gold Grill BBQ started as a fun idea. FRIDAY with Chris Tucker and Ice Cube is one of my favorite movies.  I’m also from Flint, MI so you put those two things together and well, you get…. #GGBBQ (a ratchet chic sing along song people can dance to.) Melanie Fontana co-wrote the song with me and ended up rapping on it too cause she sounded dope as hell. We knew we needed another rapper on the song, someone who was extremely unique with a huge personality. I reached out to Laganja Estranja and asked her to do it.  She emailed me back yes and I legit jumped up in down in my living room for five minutes straight.  It felt like Christmas… like a drag queen Christmas…like Santa had come down from heaven and answered my prayers.

Spencer: There is no Christmas better than a drag queen Christmas. I am glad Drag Santa was able to come to you because this video is perfect. You looked stunning in the video as well! I mean whoever designed the outfits and looks for this video deserves a high five as well. All in all, this video was just perfect. I kind of feel like barbecuing now… Too bad I just burn everything or I never cook whatever it is all the way through. I’ll just dance next to it I guess?

Krysta:  Yes GAWD!  We were lucky enough to get Round 2 LA, Lip Service and Super Shop 24 hrs on board.  They provided all the clothes and accessories you see in the video.  James Price Jr. was on set styling.  He made me wear panty hose.  I still owe him big for that one.  


Spencer: Well I believe people are going to be partying to this song for a long time. I know I am downloading it! It has been such a pleasure Krysta! Thank you so much for talking with me and I am super stoked to see where you go with your career!

Krysta: I’ll see you at the Grammy’s Spencer!!!


Want to see more of Krysta Youngs? Check out this bad-ass pop goddess at her official social media now! #GoldGrillBBQ

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