Sketching With Spencer (Diana Dzhaketov, Trannika Rex & Tina Burner)

Hey there friends, I am back back back again with some more fashion sketches. This time around, I decided to sketch last years winners of the 2016 Queen of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago awards! Each of these queens have such a unique sense of style and it really was a ball sketching them. Let’s take a look shall we?

Diana Dzhaketov

You all know I love me some Diana Dzhaketov. I chose this outfit she wore to the last RuPaul’s Drag Con Los Angeles. This outfit was fire and honestly it was a lot of fun to sketch. I would put Diana in a runway show in a second. Diana is our current Queen of Los Angeles and rightfully so. All hail. Follow Diana on Instagram.

Trannika Rex

I have been following Trannika Rex for as long as I have been a part of the drag scene so this sketch was probably long overdue. The current reigning Queen of Chicago makes polka-dots… and basically everything look fabulous. This dress was for sure a challenge to sketch, and I love a challenge so this ended up being a pretty fun project. I’m going to go get some polka-dots in my closet right now. Follow Trannika on Instagram.

Tina Burner

As you can tell, this was a lot of fun to sketch. Tina Burner is our current reigning Queen of New York. She is very theatrical with very elaborate costumes so it was basically like a gift for me to be able to sketch her. I picked this outfit as soon as I saw it because there is just so much to it that makes it fun! One of my favorite sketches. Follow Tina on Instagram.

Well there they are! Our current reigning Queens of 2016. I had so much fun creating these sketches. Each of these queens are top talent and deserve all the success! Wow, I can’t wait to see who I am sketching next. Have an idea? Comment below or send us a message and maybe your favorite will be featured in our next “Sketching With Spencer”…. or maybe we will see you on here! Stay fashionable friends.


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