Spencer Just Wants To Have Fun! – Week 2


About twenty-three out of the twenty-four hours in a day, Spencer is rambling on about Cyndi Lauper and blasting her music for the whole world to hear! So what better way to celebrate the winner of Spencer’s Top 80’s Artist Countdown by breaking down the top five songs of Cyndi’s career! Lets do it!


#4 Witness

This week is all about Witness! I get so hyped every time I hear this song. I mean you should see the performance I did the choreo for in the shower. Witness is a song you can find on the “She’s So Unusual” album as well as some vinyls of “Change of Heart” (I have one…Teehee).

Whenevere I play this record, I instantly start dancing and singing as loud as I can. I mean it’s just a fun song! “I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna be ,I don’t wanna be a witness!” Once you listen to it, you will not get it out of your head. Lets try it out with a video of Cyndi performing “Witness” at Cher’s “Dressed to Kill Tour”!


Are you having just as much fun as Spencer! Bop on in next week for another hit Cyndi song to listen to all through the night and ill kiss you. Also, don’t forget to have a change of heart and  buy Cyndi’s new album celebrating the 30th anniversary of “She’s So Unusual”  over at Amazon or Itunes because…..money changes everything…

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