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Spencer’s AHS Cult Following: Neighbors From Hell

Wow. That was a pretty fantastic episode. I have to say this season is pretty freaking good. I am actually a little terrified. I feel like the plot has stayed in a single, positive direction. Though there are some obvious holes in the story,  but still everything feels very interesting, puzzling, and scary. This episode, we witnessed the unwinding of our once happy family. Honestly after what they have gone through in these short three episodes, I would have gone bananas as well. I am still shaking after the tragic nuking of Mr.Guinea….sigh Definitely was not mentally prepared for that one…  Let’s talk about it.

The Good

I love this season because we are really playing into everyday phobias. For example, I am terrified of small spaces. Not like I once was, but I still can get very spooked in a really tight place. Somehow with the coffin scene, the show was able to make you feel the fear in that space. My chest was tight as I broke into a cold sweat. I could seriously feel her fear! That is good television! Also, I don’t know how he does it but every time Evan Peters appears at a door or window I literally jump and lose one of my nine lives… Stop doing that!!! All in all, this was a great episode. The cop is obviously in on this foolery which is a lovely twist that plays into real life police corruption. The therapist is probably responsible for the coffin deaths which illustrates our modern societies distrust in one another. Going forward the family is probably going to be split up after that very sexual looking bathtub video also which will make things even scarier. Everything awful that could happen, is happening. I need a hug!

The Bad

I am not sure I like how easy it was for Ally to walk away from the shooting of Pedro…. Like it’s harder for me to make a grilled cheese than it was for Ally to back out of a possible murder case. Rest in peace Pedro. I wish the show was able to delve deeper into that story line. But I guess that is the point the show was trying to make. White privilege is being able to make up a law on the spot that makes it Pedro’s fault for being shot and killed. I also feel like we have no back story on Winter. I think with some more back story on Winter, I would be able to get into her character a bit more. Especially before we bring in more characters.

In Summation

This therapist just brought to life Rosie’s Twilight inspired sex fantasy in a field of flowers. Not to be morbid, but if all of those clowns were in my house I would have just voluntarily stepped into that coffin… Hmm, i can’t put my finger on it but a minority being murdered without anyone seeming to care feels very familiar. If the perks of murder include neighbors coming over and stuffing Taco Bell coupons into your door, sign me up! I am tired of having to change my diaper every time Kai sneaks up on a door/window. Something tells me that green gas is not gluten free. Take a shot every time this show reads the public for even considering to vote for Jill Stein. No guinea pigs were harmed in the writing of this article. That’s not a joke, I am just letting you know. Does anyone else find the bathtub scene a little hot? No, just me? Alright never mind.

(As a little bonus this week, please enjoy this new video from Sarah’s visit to the Ellen Show)

I loved this episode. I haven’t felt this excited for another episode since the beginning of Hotel! Good news, Emma Roberts is back next week! Let’s just hope we get more of a Madison Montgomery, and less of a Chanel. This show is on a good streak and I would hate the show to get ruined before Lena Dunham ruins it…. See you all next Wednesday!

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