Spencer’s AHS Cult Following: Valerie Solanas Died For Your Sins: Scumbag

Hello ghoul friends. Ah another episode of American Horror Story. This episode we traveled back and forth between the decades to connect the killings of the “Zodiac Killer” and misogyny in yesterday and today’s world. I know what you are thinking….”What?” Some things that happened include Lena Dunham‘s first role in AHS, Evan Peters as Andy Warhol, the return of fan favorites Jamie Brewer and Frances Conroy, oh and did I mention Frances Conroy is back!!! Yasss queen!

The Good

So the idea behind this episode was pretty cool. I do love the history the show staff tried to intertwine. It was a real trip seeing the “Zodiac Killer” brought back into the AHS universe. The killer was given a little time during “Hotel” but not a lot. I also love the introduction of this cult of women. It’s actually a genius idea to explore the anatomy of cult practicing and even the sexist and racist ideologies that exist even within themselves. As always, Frances Conroy is just perfect. Every part she has ever had in this show has been completely worth the wait. I wish she would sign on for the whole show but I understand she has other projects. But gosh this was great, especially seeing Frances take on another ‘Coven’ like role. I also think Evan did a great job bringing to life Andy Warhol. It was a very convincing characterization.

The Bad

Um…. Okay American Horror Story we kind of took a pretty rough detour here. I mean last week we watched probably one of my favorite AHS episodes ever with the mass shooting, then this week we are watching Lena Dunham spiral out of control and her attempt to kill Andy Warhol. What the hell is happening? I get the point they are trying to make by showing the origins of this older cult and the suffering of women under the disgusting rule of men….but… I hope next week the show kind of wakes up and swerves back into its lane and away from the shoulder. However, I will say that this episode was a perfect follow up to these disgusting allegations that have come out against Harvey Weinstein. Okay, now for Lena Dunham. You heard it here first weeks ago. I knew Lena’s appearance would be the signal that the season would start coming apart. Lena started off strong but I think we just got too much too fast. Her character needed to be spoon-fed to us but instead we just had to shotgun the whole god damn beer.  It was just too much… too fast. Lastly, Kai’s cult fell apart very quickly. It was winning one second to suffering the greatest band breakup the next which ended with Harrison wastefully being ripped apart by our cult ladies. AHS I am prescribing you a Xanax and two weeks of bed rest… Get it together.

In Summation

Oh please God tell me that is not Lena Dunham in that car…oh jeez… no!!!!! It was a risky choice, but Evan won Snatch Game this week with Andy Warhol. So are we going to act like Sarah didn’t end last episode holding a gun used during a mass shooting? I would give FX all of my money if Frances Conroy pulled of that black wig and her giant orange Myrtle Snow hair came flowing out. Oh my gosh Jamie Brewer is here. It’s like a Dunder Mifflin reunion up in here. Now where is Jessica Lange? Cutting up Harrison’s body was symbolic of Ryan Murphy cutting up my attention span…

Alright so this week was pretty bad in my opinion. But it did definitely have some good qualities. I think it would have been better if we cut Lena’s time by 75% so that we can focus on our current plot. The transition from last week to this week was rough and quick much like the Trump transition team moving into the White House. Fortunately, I do not believe this show is too far gone… Hopefully next week the show will…. “Snap Out of It!”

As always, here is a look at next weeks episode… looks like we are getting back on track!

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