Spencer’s AHS Cult Following: Winter of Our Discontent

Heyyyyyy soooooo remember last year when I called Chiffon after the premiere of AHS: Roanoke and said, “I REFUSE to cover American Horror Story eve again and if you make me I will burn every last piece of Star Wars merchandise you own in a bonfire of your wigs!”

Well that was a different time….we had hope…and now….well…we have Trump….which brings me tonight’s episode!

First off, I wanna say this, this has been the MOST consistent season of American Horror Story. Maybe some bumps in the road, but it really has built a story, stayed within its own premise and not become a dumpster fire like last season…or Asylum. Even if it derails next episode it still had the longest run of consistency.

Tonight continued the trend starting last week of cleaning house. We lost two main cult members in the civil war among the cult but it gained a member…Allison. I’m sure this is part of a larger game but it was nice for them to take Sarah Paulson away so she doesn’t have to carry everything. Now that she’s back and has a game plan, it feels fresh again. It sucks she got killed the one guy trying to help her but to be fair….he was kind of a scum bag and plus Beverly Hope remains alive.

We got some more backstory for Kai, mainly his relation to Winter, who shined brighter in this episode than at any other point this season. The scene in the “House of Judgment” was so unnerving but showed a unique compassionate side of Kai. That OR was it just cause it was Winter’s memory. The show has done a good job this season of playing with perspective. Depending on who has the perspective, it’s how we see the character.

While it was Sad to see Colton Haynes leave I’m glad we got a bit of backstory before he left. I liked the show didn’t spend too much time on it but still gave us a complete character study.

The one point this episode that felt, I dunno, off, was Kai. They REALLY played up the Trump comparisons this episode, more so than prior episodes. At this point, what I like, is that comparison exists already and they don’t need to beat us over the head with it as much. Sure Kai falling deeper into madness, but if they push it to far it’ll take away the believability of his character. I’m not so sure how I feel about a city council voting for random travelers to be private security…but also haunted hotels and witches exist too. I hope they can show signs of how he’s slipping into his own madness cause it could get really dumb and corny. Kai is best when he’s methodical not the Master from Buffy.

Winter of Our Discontent, in summation.

Cheyenne Jackson got the looks in the family. It wasn’t going for it, but Ivy’s treatment at her own restraint fits with today’s women in the workplace convo. Honestly Universal Studios does a scary haunted house. Ok who is really that upset about a threesome with Colton Haynes? How did Alli not realize her shrink was a psycho. Colton has been bottoming like a champ this season. The health benefits in this cult must be amazing. Now I want Sloppy Joes.

Ok everyone, Spencer will return with his regularly scheduled (AMAZING) recaps next week.

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