Spencer’s American Horror Story Cult Following: Holes

Hello fellow cultists! Wow, can you believe we are halfway through the season already? What a freaking episode… Together, we have survived our fair share of blood, clowns, Jill Stein jokes, and more clowns! Speaking of clowns, I am joined by a special guest tonight. My partner in crime and the original creator of the WERRRRK.com American Horror Story recaps, Sidney Stokes

Sidney: What the fu–Chiffon told me I was going to Chili’s on assignment tonight?

Spencer: I know I’m sorry… it’s the only way you would have agreed. I do have some fajitas from last weekend if you are interested?

Sidney: Are they from Chili’s?

Spencer: They came from a man named Chili?

Sidney: Ok that’ll do.

Spencer: Well… I do have wine and I am sure you’ll be needing that…. Pours wine

Sidney: Actually….I’m taking the month off from booze…but let’s be real…you were gonna drink both glasses anyway

Spencer: That is a unfair judgment, shame on you… Okay fine it’s true. So this was the mid-season episode so I want to talk about tonight’s episode as well as the season as a whole… So lets get straight to it…how have you been enjoying this season?

Sidney: Oh this season has been fantastic so far. I could deal with less Sarah Paulson scream crying but I think it’s been interesting and at times, a bit too real for the current state our country is rotting in. It has hit EXTREMELY close to home at times. Evan Peters has been fantastic and Billy Eichner has been a wonderful addition.

Spencer: Yeah I definitely agree. I think it has been a pleasant surprise considering we were at rock bottom last season. Sarah’s constant trauma started to get a little old but I think it has kind of toned down a little. But I LOVE Evan Peter’s role this season. Might I say that it is his best role yet on the show?

Sidney: Would for sure agree with that.

Spencer: Okay I am glad I am not alone. You mentioned the fact that this season has been hitting a little close to home. What do you think the message is supposed to be here?

Sidney: I think the point is that when we isolate ourselves in fear, others are able to manipulate people as they are more susceptible, through their own desperation, to being manipulated by anyone that can appear to offer to help them.

Spencer: Wow, I don’t think I could have said it any better. You definitely deserve a Dundie Award for that.

Sidney: I’ll just take a dozen cupcakes.

Spencer: Yeah, maybe not a dozen cupcakes but I do have a few pieces of Halloween candy from last year? So throughout the show we have gotten a few glimpses of the election. It’s even went as far as mentioning Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. What was that like for you?

Sidney: Ooof. The stuff around the election has been rough. Reliving election night is never a pleasant experience. The opening ten minutes of the season were the most terrifying the show has ever been…

Spencer: Yeah my therapist was not happy about me watching that. But at the same time, I feel like watching this season has kind of made the election feel a little bit easier to wrap my mind around. It’ll never be okay, but I think that is one of Ryan’s points… putting yourself in the other side’s shoes no matter how dark it is…

Sidney: I mean….the other side being Trump supporters, I’m good…I don’t need to put myself in their shoes, I’d be afraid I’d trip over the sheet.

Spencer: Yeah if Trump supporters start wearing clown masks to their rallies I am cracking skulls… or at least paying someone to crack skulls. Do you have a favorite character?

Sidney: I think Kai is my favorite. So far he’s been great but that comes back to Evan Peters…

Spencer: Yeah he has really brought a lot of strength to this season. He is so scary! I mean this episode was proof enough. I thought the episode was going to be named “Holes” because of that scene where Sarah is scratching all of those neck bugs… but then we saw the nail gun scene. A terrifying tribute to the Hellraiser films… Yikes… Oh god and when Kai was talking to his dead parent’s corpses…. A major WTF moment.

Sidney: Ooooof. That was, maybe, the most gruesome thing the show has done.

Spencer: Right? Honestly, that last time I felt disturbed like that was when Misty Day was trapped slicing open those frogs for all eternity in Coven.

Sidney: One thing is for certain, I don’t miss this show misusing Lily Rabe.

Spencer: Oh don’t worry there is still plenty of time to misuse her. With five episodes left, AHS can ruin anything. Speaking of past characters, Frances Conroy is set to make an appearance during the second half of this season and I am super stoked about that.

Sidney: Do you think the show got over its Episode 5 slump or slipped down?

Spencer: I think for the first time in a long while, we actually made it. Don’t you?

Sidney: Yes and no….I felt that tonight had me interested at certain parts and certain characters became more intriguing, but on other stuff I think they jumped their pace a bit too fast and it took me out of it a little.

Spencer: Ehhh I am more on the positive side of it. Last episode we spent the whole hour in the past showing the collection of the prime members of the cult so it didn’t feel completely off jumping a little forward after such a HUGE jump back. Now the show is definitely not perfect but I think the pros outweigh the cons at this point.

Sidney: I would say story wise it’s better than ever. But I do believe there is something to be said about less is more. AHS is a show that always gives more than it should at times. I think that Kai became a little less interesting cause we saw him a bit too flawed. He’s been creepiest when we see him in control. Seeing this cult, which has been operating like a well-oiled creep machine bicker back and forth made me a bit less intrigued. On the flip side, Beverly became waaaay more interesting.

Spencer: I hear what you are saying. Oh my gosh yes, Beverly is totally a freak. But like…. I had a feeling Ivy was a part of the cult… But seeing here there felt like a punch to the nut. Ivy REALLY hates the fact her wife voted for Jill Stein. I would probably join the cult too…

Sidney: The moment felt like they wanted to shock us but we basically put that together after last week so the air was outta the balloon at that moment. Same with the reveal of the doctor….the moment was meant to shock but we knew. I think they coulda done a bit better with these reveals. Though I know how Ivy felt angry at those close to her who didn’t help make sure we didn’t get trump.

Spencer: Yeah this episode was a bit rushed with the reveals of the cult. But I am able to put it behind me. We still have five more episodes after all…. What do you think Cher’s reaction was when she saw Chaz as a Trump supporter?

Sidney: I think that’s been difficult to watch for the almighty….but she has a strength no human can ever truly know and she gets by.

Spencer: Amen. I’d like to think she is sitting on the couch in her “Burlesque” outfit with a Dr.Pepper and gives Chaz one good Moonstruck slap…. Sorry just a reoccurring fantasy of mine.

Sidney: I get it.

Spencer: Alright final thoughts on the season. What is working and what do you hope to see going forward?

Sidney: I think the story and the emotions are working. The real factor mixed in with the AHS insanity has been, for the most part, well done and even I want to see that trend continue and not have one side overpower the other. How about you?

Spencer: I really have been enjoying this season. I think the characters are amazing and the acting has been great. My hope is that the rest of the season comes a little less predictable and really gives us a plot that challenges our way of thinking. Also I hope the rumors about Cher’s guest appearance is true…. Oh and I want more Sarah Paulson screams because every time she screams, I grow stronger…

Sidney: You should try protein powder and spare the rest of us character regression.

Spencer: Is there protein powder in In-N-Out?

Sidney: No but there is a protein style burger on the secret menu.

Spencer: If I wanted a salad, I would go to… go to…. well a place that serves salads… Not sure where that might be….

Sidney: Tender Gree… *Spencer Interrupts*

Spencer: NOPE. Sidney I will cut your mic if you act out again!? Well Sidney, this has been fun and as always it has been misera…fantastic hanging out with you. Perhaps you’ll join me for the finale episode if Lana grants you a night away?


Spencer: Only if we can get two full orders of the Loaded Cheese Fries!

Sidney: I’ll have the queso and molten chocolate cake please…. OH one last thing before I rush off….I need to say one other favorite part of this season.

Spencer: Proceed….

Sidney: Your reviews… They’ve been funny, they’ve been sharp, and they’ve done a brilliant job of summing everything up. Keep up the excellent work….even if the show doesn’t.

Spencer: In the words of our dear friend, Robbie Turner…. “Ohhh start!” I am only following in the footsteps of the great who created these recaps so many years ago…as always it has been a pleasure to work with you SJ.

Sidney: … and in the words of Willam…. “Bye.” Right back at ya SJ.

Spencer: Chilis is closed but I think Weinerschnitzel is still open?

Gosh I thought he would never leave… Well tonight’s episode was a ton of fun. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out. Nox, obscura et plena burgers….. That means the night is dark and full of burgers in Latin. See you next week freaks.

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