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This past week, Spencer concluded his summer concert series with a very special performer, the one and only, Lady Gaga. Spencer saw Gaga for the third time last week at the Staples Center for her artRAVE tour. To make it even better, he had so much fun the first night, he decided to go back the second night! Oh my Gaga! Luckily for you NSFW fans, Spencer is here to give you a full account of this extravaGAGAnza!


Ah, July 21st was a beautiful day for a concert. When I mean beautiful, it was incredibly hot and I hated it… but that’s besides the point isn’t it? So I’ve had these Gaga tickets since late November/ Early December… I don’t really remember. The wait is finally over! My friend Ariana and I were so stoked. After we finally finished taking our selfies, we were off to the Staples Center!

Spencer and the lovely Ariana
Spencer and the lovely Ariana

L.A Live was full of Little Monsters as always. The outfits were on point. Drag queens everywhere, seashell bikinis, tutus, wigs, fishnets, glow sticks, and of course protesters. All of your key ingredients for a Gaga concert were in the area!

So after a long quest of finding the perfect concert t-shirt, overpriced water bottle, and bathrooms, we finally made it to our seats. They were pretty close! I was impressed with my good luck at this point. Finally the lights dimmed, and the first opening act came out, the Korean pop band, Crayon Pop!

Now I went into Crayon Pop with low expectations. I mean lets be real, it’s Korean Pop Music. But actually, I was very impressed. I had a ball during there set! They did their famous song, “Bar Bar Bar”, I don’t know many of the words but I can promise you, by the second night Ariana and I had the choreography down! It was just all around fun!

Next up was my girl, Lady Starlight! This was my third and fourth time seeing Starlight. She did not disappoint once again! Her set was so bad ass. I could really watch her play all night long. The way Starlight gets so captivated in the music, You can just tell she loves what she does as a DJ and all around artist. She gave the audience a very real demonstration on what real techno sounds like. I had chills!

Lady Starlight
Lady Starlight

Lady Starlight finished her set, and now it was time for that infamous wait… you know the wait… where you are sitting in your seat praying that your phone doesn’t die, while Gaga sits backstage and takes a nap until it feels right… yeah that wait. The curtains fell down, and the artRAVE began!

The stage was flawless, the lighting was beautiful, and the sound was perfect. Dancers everywhere carrying giant colorful Koons balls. Everything was so colorful and the excitement levels were off the chart. Then she came out, the Queen of Pop was on stage! She began the concert with one of my favorite songs, ARTPOP! We were screaming our hearts out as everyone at the Staples center became united through the power of Gaga.

She hit a lot of my favorite songs! She did her new hits such as G.U.Y, Venus, Applause, and Do What You Want. She even nailed some of the oldies such as my favorite, Paparazzi, as well Poker Face, Just Dance, Telephone, and Alejandro. It was so much fun! She gave us a small glimpse at her song “Party Nauseous”, which we are all hoping is released in some type of way.

She gave such a good show! I did have a few disappointments however. The “Donatella” number was not set up with a perfect Donatella wig….  Talking about feeling like you are in the Twilight zone.  Also, Gaga skipped songs “Mary Jane Holland”, “Dope”, and my other favorite “Fashion.” Why would she do that to us! I heard that it was because she is exhausted and isn’t trying to over do it like last year. But still… at least Fashion.. But what can you do?

All in all, it was a night to remember. Her voice was as beautiful as ever. She did a very intimate performance on the piano to “Born This Way”. No tears were shed at that moment *crosses fingers*. Also, can we talk about that encore… Gaga came out in the most beautiful white gown with long flowing hair. She looked like such an angel. Then she began her song “Gypsy” which is such a beautiful song, I love it so much. The song started out just on the piano, but eventually broke out in such a harmony. Ugh, it was such a moment… I wish everyone could have saw it!

lAll in all, it was a beautiful night! I know what you are thinking, “But Spencer… you went both nights! Was there any difference?” The answer is no, the only difference is that I was unable to sing because I screamed so loud the night before. But it still was so much fun! Gaga never seems to disappoint, and I can’t wait until she comes back to Los Angeles so I can enjoy her presence once again. I love her and she means the world to me! Hopefully this album with Tony Bennet will lead to another tour, because I love Gaga, Jazz Music, and Tony so lets do this!


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