Now if you knew me, you would know that all I listen to is music from the 80′s with the exception of a few artists like Lady Gaga, Robyn, Lana Del Rey, and Amy Winehouse. So the other day while playing through my shower playlist and doing a sickening lip-sync to “If I Could Turn Back Time”, I realized that my taste in 80′s music was so exceptional that I just had to break it down for you guys and explain who I think the top six artists were and why! Now of course there are so many I could choose to put on this countdown, but I have to cap it off somewhere!  The Top Six Artists that made me WISH I was alive during the 80′s! Lets get into it!


The long lost finale has finally been found! When the aliens came they took Spencer’s laptop and removed the 80’s finale because they didn’t want my loyal readers to know who was going to win the #1 spot on the countdown! Well thankfully they decided against their actions and gave it back! So lets do this!

2. Cher

I give spot #2 to the goddess of all things music, the immortal Cher.  Cher represents everything beautiful in this world. She has been in our lives for d decades, dominating the world with single after single; top ranking album after album. You are probably wondering, “Spencer, why isn’t Cher #1?” Well my dear reader, I placed Cher at #2 because Cher does not just represent the 80’s… she represents about 50 years of music…. So let’s talk about some reasons why I consider Cher “the shizzle” especially during the 80’s

.cher 80's


Cher’s music during the eighties was perfect. To me, the defining album of this decade was the flawless “Hear of Stone” album.  Some of her best songs were released on that album. Don’t believe me, okay well lets just talk about a little song called, “If I Could Turn Back Time”…  You have not lived until you have seen the music video to this genius of a song/music video. This song created one of Cher’s most iconic looks. “If I Could Turn Back Time” was a huge milestone for Cher in her career.


Then of course, there was the title track, “Heart of Stone” which I have blasted countless times in my car. Then another one of my favorites (which Cher actually dislikes) is “Just like Jesse James”. Both of these songs are incredible and some of Cher’s greatest hits. Other songs I would suggest crying over is “Love on a Rooftop”, “Emotional Fire”, and “Kiss to Kiss”.

Not only was Cher slaying the music scene during the 80’s, but this was also the height of her acting career. I mean come on, how many times have you replayed the scene from “Moonstruck” where Cher slaps Nicholas Cage with her strong hand and then telling him to “SCHNAP OUT OF IT!”  That scene leaves me dead every time. Here, watch it again below…  Other movies  you may have saw Cher perform in was “The Mask”, “The Witches of Eastwick”, Suspect”,  and “Silkwood”.

To keep it short, Cher is a perfect human being and she is going to outlive every organism on this Earth. All hail Cher, all hail Cher, all hail Cher, all hail Cher, all hail Cher.


THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! I am ready to reveal my opinion on who was the #1 artist of the 80’s.  This woman is incredible and is my favorite artist in life right now and one of my biggest inspirations. Ladies and gentleman, Cyndi Lauper!



1. Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper perfectly captures the essence of the 80’s to me. The crazy hair and outfits, the up-beat or music meant to change the world, the personality. Everything you need to know about 80’s music can be seen through Cyndi Lauper in my opinion. Today, she is still killing the game. I can’t tell you how many times a day I blast a Cyndi Lauper song throughout the apartment! Now to be honest, I can talk all day long about how perfect Cyndi Lauper is, and I am sure you can too! So let’s do this, I am announcing my new mini series of articles! “Spencer Just Wants to Have Fun” is going to span over 5 weeks, reminding you of 5 amazing songs that Cyndi has done that you are all sure to gag over!


Thank you for being a part of this 80’s Artist Countdown. There were so many choices to choose from! Whitney Houston, Debbie Gibson, Expose, Madonna, Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam, I mean I could go on forever with amazing artists! Stay tuned for the first part of “Spencer Just Wants to Have Fun”.

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