Spencer’s Spotlight: Top Six Artists of the 80’s- Week 1


Now if you knew me, you would know that all I listen to is music from the 80’s with the exception of a few artists like Lady Gaga, Robyn, Lana Del Rey, and Amy Winehouse. So the other day while playing through my shower playlist and doing a sickening lip-sync to “If I Could Turn Back Time”, I realized that my taste in 80’s music was so exceptional that I just had to break it down for you guys and explain who I think the top six artists were and why! Now of course there are so many I could choose to put on this countdown, but I have to cap it off somewhere! Lets get into it!


6. TheĀ Eurythmics

Lets talk about the Eurythmics now shall we! I can’t tell you how much I love this little 80’s duo. First of all, Annie Lennox is a genius! She has such a look that I am really in love with. She brought such a androgynous look to music in the 80’s that you really got to respect. Her short hair was fierce, and her outfits were even fiercer. A true bad ass if you ask me. Even today she is still amazing. I mean listen, she recorded “Into The West”, a song that plays during the credits of the final movie of my favorite trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings”.


In terms of the Eurythmics and their accomplishments, they came out with some pretty awesome songs in their days! Of course, there is my favorite and probably everyone else’s favorite… “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”. This song has such a dark sound to hit but still so fun.. I really don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy this song. I would really love to play it during one of my fashion shows.

They have many other songs that I love like “Who’s That Girl”, “Would I Lie To You”, “Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves”, and one of my other favorites, “Here Comes The Rain Again”. The sound of the Eurythmics is just so lovely. Someone send me back in time so I can see them in concert! To me, the Eurythmics are one of the defining artists of the 80’s… Its hard to imagine 80’s music without the Eurythmics!


So there you go, number six on the “Spencer’s Spotlight” 80’s Artist countdown is the Eurythmics! Stay tuned for next week when I announce who made the cut for number 5! I know you are just shaking with anticipation! I am too! By the way, look at the picture above… Look at Annie Lennox and imagine a Coco Peru wig… Annie Lennox and Coco Peru could easily be twins…!



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