What The Walking Dead: Season 10

October 21, 2019 Spencer Williams

Hello friends! I am so happy to finally be back with you all to talk about the TENTH season of The Walking Dead! The first three episodes of this season have been explosive to say […]


What The Walking Dead: Chokepoint

March 11, 2019 Spencer Williams

Hey there everyone! Welcome back to to another edition of “What The Walking Dead“! In the recent episode, “Chokepoint“, Daryl and Connie organize a trap for The Whisperers. At the same time, Ezekiel and Carol […]


What The Walking Dead: Guardians

March 4, 2019 Spencer Williams

Another week, another terrifying episode of The Walking Dead! Welcome back everyone. On this week’s edition of “What The Walking Dead”, we are talking about the episode titled, “Guardians”. Things are really starting to get […]