Knowing Cait – Episodes 1-3

August 11, 2015 Sidney Stokes 0

  Well, the world has now seen the first three episodes of “I Am Cait,” and what an adventure it has already been in that short time!   Episode 1 consisted of an introduction to the woman we […]


Sidney vs The Week 7/17/15

July 17, 2015 Sidney Stokes 0

Well Week….what did you bring for show and tell? Comic Con 2015 Happens in San Diego – Fun Fact: Comic Con happens in San Diego the week before Pride…anyone in the Batman vs Superman trailer […]


About Caitlyn

June 5, 2015 Sidney Stokes 0

“Call me Caitlyn.” A sentence, a visual, and a moment that has changed the landscape of our culture and has already become one of the GLBTQ community’s most iconic moments. It seems like a lifetime […]