A Haute Second with Spencer: Gender Bending Fashion

August 12, 2019 Spencer Williams 0

Every time I travel to another city, I make it a goal of mine to visit a local museum (or aquarium but that is a different article). This summer I had the absolute privilege of […]


Who Was Prince to You?

April 21, 2016 Milan Cook 0

Verklempt. The vapours. However you slice it, people all over the world are feeling a collective amalgam of emotions over the same person, Prince. Earlier this year, when David Bowie passed I was sad for […]

The Week In Drag
Drag Queens

#THEWEEKINDRAG with Emily Meow

January 18, 2016 Emily Meow 0

The whole world took a huge hit this week, with the loss of British icon David Bowie on Monday. As well as being a revolutionary artist and singer, Bowie was a huge queer icon. Coming […]

Sidney vs The Week
Popular Culture

Sidney vs The Week 1/15/16

January 17, 2016 Sidney Stokes 0

Oh hey Week, what did you bring me this time? Leo Side Eyes Gaga at Golden Globes – We made the same face at the idea Jack Dawson being able to handle Mother Monster. The […]