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All posts tagged "Evah Destruction"

Dragula: Meet the Titans 15 Dragula: Meet the Titans 16

Drag Queens

The moment all Dragula fans have been waiting for, the first all-star titans line up, and the lineup has not disappointed at all. The...

Dragula: The Finale 17 Dragula: The Finale 18


It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Dragula season three has a winner! Before the winner was crowned, the Boulet Brothers were joined...

Dragula: Reunion 19 Dragula: Reunion 20


The Boulet Brothers are leaving us hanging in regard to who will win Dragula season three. Instead of crowning the next super monster this...

Dragula: Episode 8 Recap 21 Dragula: Episode 8 Recap 22


The Boulet Brothers and their monsters were back again this week after the last episode’s shocking extermination. Landon Cider, Priscilla Chambers, Louisianna Purchase, and...

Dragula: Episode 7 Racap 23 Dragula: Episode 7 Racap 24


After last week’s shocking extermination (see what I did there?), the monsters returned to the competition without Maddelynn Hatter. Everyone was starting to feel...

Dragula: Episode 6 Recap 25 Dragula: Episode 6 Recap 26


Forgive me for this late recap, monsters. I’ve had some weird virus that has prevented me from doing anything. In my defense, Amazon did...

Dragula: Episode 5 Recap 27 Dragula: Episode 5 Recap 28


Last week, Amazon uploaded Dragula late. This week, they uploaded it… last week? I have no idea anymore. Anyway, the monsters were back after...

Dragula Episode 4 Recap 29 Dragula Episode 4 Recap 30


Our favorite ghouls were back for another episode of Dragula, even if it was posted several hours late. In the workroom, the monsters were...