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  • Television
    Pose: In My Heels

    This week was the season finale of FX’s hit show Pose. This emotional season wrapped up in a similar fashion. The...

    Haley Van HornAugust 21, 2019
  • Television
    Pose: Life’s a Beach

    After last week’s emotional episode, a beach vacation was much needed. But first, more bad news. Blanca’s nail salon burnt down....

    Haley Van HornAugust 14, 2019
  • Television
    Pose: Revelations

    After the end of last week’s heart wrenching episode, this week opened up with Pray guiding Ricky through life with HIV....

    Haley Van HornAugust 8, 2019
  • Television
    Pose: Love’s in Need of Love Today

    This week’s episode of Pose opened up with a ball scene, as we deserve. The Back to the Future themed category...

    Haley Van HornJuly 24, 2019
  • Television
    Pose: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    After taking a week off, FX’s hit show Pose was back with a new episode. Oh boy, was this one a...

    Haley Van HornJuly 10, 2019
  • Television
    Pose: Butterfly/Cocoon

    This week’s episode of Pose kicked off with Angel Avangelista in the finals of the fresh face modeling contest she entered....

    Haley Van HornJune 26, 2019
  • Television
    Fosse/Verdon: Nowadays

    Let’s not waste any time with introductions and jump straight into this week’s episode of FX’s Fosse/Verdon. The show kicked off...

    Haley Van HornMay 22, 2019
  • Television
    Fosse/Verdon: All I Care About Is Love

    This week’s episode focused on Bob Fosse’s health problems and the pressure mounting on Gwen Verdon as she began working on...

    Haley Van HornMay 15, 2019
  • Television
    Fosse/Verdon: Where Am I Going?

    This week’s episode kicked off with a heart wrenching scene involving the best character, Nicole Fosse, showing off a drawing she...

    Haley Van HornMay 8, 2019
  • Television
    Fosse/Verdon: Glory

    After last week’s emotional episode, it was nice to kick things off on a more positive note this week. The show...

    Haley Van HornMay 6, 2019

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