Sidney’s Game Guide: The Iron Throne

May 21, 2019 Sidney Stokes

And here we are….a place we have always known we would get to…the end.  I’ve written the start of this multiple times and I think we just jump right in to it. KING’S LANDING We […]

Game of Thrones

Sidney’s Game Guide – Home

May 2, 2016 Sidney Stokes

Some people complain that Game of Thrones waits too long to get into the action. Well um, your complaints were heard…cause here we are with… The Most Awesome of Things The Wall has become the […]


Sidney’s Game Guide – Hardhome

June 1, 2015 Sidney Stokes

That was, from start to finish, the greatest episode of Game of Thrones. Holy damn. What an episode of television. Read. For. Filth. I loved everything with Tyrion and Dany. Yes…I just said that. I […]