Kanye West

The Life of Pablo: The Outstanding Album Kanye Didn’t Care About.

February 17, 2016 Sidney Stokes

Month’s of anticipation, multiple title changes, and a few fingers, Kanye West released his latest album. Now, I want to review this focusing on the music, we’ll dip back into the other stuff, but if […]

Sidney vs the Week 1/29/16
Popular Culture

Sidney vs The Week 1/29/16

January 29, 2016 Sidney Stokes

Alright now Week, what is it this time? The Rock Returns to Monday Night Raw – If you watch and are not entertained, you hate all things good and I wish you best in your […]

Popular Culture

Sidney vs The Week 9/4/15

September 4, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Week, what’s good?! …oh. Nicki Minaj Calls Miley Out on VMA Stage Over Remarks in the Press – Nation collectively worries for Miley’s safety…haha….no we didn’t…we wanted to watch that. Kanye West Accepts Vanguard Award […]


Sidney vs The Week – 4/24/15

April 24, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Week….oh sweet week…you really wanted to show off this time…well look what ya did. Ben Affleck Tries Prevent PBS from Revealing His Ancestors Owned Slaves – Well luckily no one knows now. Girls Take #KylieJennerChallenge […]


Sidney vs The Week 2/13/15

February 13, 2015 Sidney Stokes

This Week REALLY came hard….personally…I’m impressed. Annie Lennox Shines at the Grammy’s – Are we shocked? No. Are we beyond thrilled it happened? Was that a serious question? Kanye West Jokingly Kanye West’s Beck – […]


Sidney VS The Week 1/9/15

January 9, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Oh…oh yeah Week…I’m back…in full force. I gave you a holiday pass but new year, new battles in the world of pop culture to be fought. Let’s go! Kanye Fans Don’t Know Who Paul McCartney […]


Sidney vs The Week: 7/25/14

July 25, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Well hello WEEK…we meet again…what did you add to humanity this time? Kanye Does GQ interview with Humility – The Devil asks for a wrap as he just felt a draft. Jon Stewart Starts Mock […]