Sidney vs The Week – 4/3/15

April 3, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Well week it is been a minute….I’m ready to fight…which leads me to the first contender this week! UFC’s Ronda Rousey got in a WWE ring at Wrestlemania and Helped The Rock – …and it […]

Popular Culture

Sidney vs The Week 3/13/15

March 13, 2015 Sidney Stokes

Well hello Week…think you stopped me? Oh no…oh no…I’m back. What ya got for me? This Photo ^ – Michelle Obama’s eyes say it all. Racist Video of Oklahoma University Students Surfaces; Students Say They […]

Drag Queens

Sidney vs The Week – 12/12/14

December 12, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Well what a week…kinda political…so if that ain’t you’re thing…stop after the first item….which is… RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Cast Announced – Different Queens. New Drama. Same Shitty Editing. Obama Takes Over Colbert Report […]

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Sidney vs The Week 10/3/14

October 3, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Oh some people just couldn’t resist showing up this week…so glad they did. Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI – Your move, Lohan….your move. Aretha Franklin Covers Adele – …gay. NFL penalizes Muslim player for Praying […]