The Haute Seat: Tyler Wallach

January 16, 2019 Spencer Williams

Spencer welcomes innovative painter and designer from New York City; Tyler Wallach, into the Haute Seat. Read along as the two discuss art, inspiration, and Tyler’s upcoming NY fashion week collection! […]


Sidney vs The Week 11/21/14

November 21, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Ok so this week did a pretty bang up job of banging up the joint….here is how! Lifetime Makes Aaliyah Movie Without Aaliyah Music – It was as good as that sounds. Charles Manson Getting […]


Sidney vs The Week – 11/14/14

November 14, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Everyone…won’t lie…this week kinda put up a fight. The Comeback Returns After 9 Years – I NEED TO SEE THAT…and did…seriously….everyone watch that show. Kim Kardashian Bares Her Ass for Paper Magazine – Ugh….like the […]


Sidney vs The Week – 11/7/14

November 7, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Well this week sure made an ass of itself…starting with a bunch of elephants. Republicans win Mid Term Election Big; Win control of Congress – Hillary Clinton sends GOP an edible arrangement Rose McGowan Throws […]


Sidney vs The Week – 10/31/14

October 31, 2014 Sidney Stokes

This week was lovely…know why? Cause of these people and their foolishness. Monica Lewinsky Calls Herself the First Victim of Cyber Bullying – Sorry bout it girl, guess you hitched yourself to the wrong star(r). […]

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Sidney vs The Week: 10/24/14

October 24, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Oh I’m….I’m just going dive in here…we know what is on everyone’s mind. Renee Zellwegger’s Bad Plastic Surgery – Turns out, the People criticize women who get plastic surgery AND those who people who criticize […]

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Sidney vs The Week – 9/17/14

October 17, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Ok…we still haven’t found Lohan but we found all these people… Snoop and Iggy Azalea have a social media feud – Riddle me this: If Snoop and Iggy have a social media feud and the […]


Sidney vs the Week – 9/10/14

October 10, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Oh hey week…what have you brought for show & tell? Jessica Lange Doing This ^ Twin Peaks is Coming Back – In case you don’t have a news-feed…and didn’t hear. Amanda Bynes Caught Shoplifting – […]

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Sidney vs The Week 10/3/14

October 3, 2014 Sidney Stokes

Oh some people just couldn’t resist showing up this week…so glad they did. Amanda Bynes Arrested for DUI – Your move, Lohan….your move. Aretha Franklin Covers Adele – …gay. NFL penalizes Muslim player for Praying […]