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April 8, 2018 Chiffon Dior 0

  *OUT OF NOWHERE, ERIC BISCHOFF’S THEME, “I’M BACK” BEGINS TO PLAY AND CHIFFON DIOR WALKS OUT* CD: Welcome everyone to the shocking return of WERRRK.com’s WRESTLEMANIA preview! Please welcome the advocate for our site, […]


Sidney vs The Week 7/17/15

July 17, 2015 Sidney Stokes 0

Well Week….what did you bring for show and tell? Comic Con 2015 Happens in San Diego – Fun Fact: Comic Con happens in San Diego the week before Pride…anyone in the Batman vs Superman trailer […]


Sidney vs The Week – 4/3/15

April 3, 2015 Sidney Stokes 0

Well week it is been a minute….I’m ready to fight…which leads me to the first contender this week! UFC’s Ronda Rousey got in a WWE ring at Wrestlemania and Helped The Rock – …and it […]