A Haute Second with Spencer: Gender Bending Fashion

August 12, 2019 Spencer Williams

Every time I travel to another city, I make it a goal of mine to visit a local museum (or aquarium but that is a different article). This summer I had the absolute privilege of […]


The Haute Seat: Jaki Nelson

June 4, 2019 Spencer Williams

Hello and welcome back for another great edition of “The Haute Seat”. For this month’s guest, I have with me a two time Top 10, four-time Billboard charting pop/dance artist. Recently she released her […]


What The Walking Dead: Scars

March 18, 2019 Spencer Williams

Hey friends! I hope you are ready to cry some more, because this week’s episode of The Walking Dead intense! I am sure you have all been curious about those funny looking scars found on […]


A Haute Reflection with Spencer

February 22, 2019 Spencer Williams

I can’t even believe it, but it’s true. This is my 200th published article at Instead of using my 200th article to discuss a television show about zombies, or review another cheeseburger restaurant, I […]

The Haute Seat

The Haute Seat: Yaz Mirgoli

February 12, 2019 Spencer Williams

Hi friends, welcome back to another edition of The Haute Seat. I am very excited, because this week I have with me one of my favorite people. She is a designer, director, filmmaker, PR professional, […]


The Haute Seat: Tyler Wallach

January 16, 2019 Spencer Williams

Spencer welcomes innovative painter and designer from New York City; Tyler Wallach, into the Haute Seat. Read along as the two discuss art, inspiration, and Tyler’s upcoming NY fashion week collection! […]