Penny For Your Thoughts: Fresh Hell

May 4, 2015 Spencer Williams 0

I’m back and so is Penny Dreadful! Welcome to “Penny For Your Thoughts”, the weekly recap column for Penny Dreadful, my favorite show! Penny Dreadful is a wicked combination of Victorian literature, monsters, gore, nudity, […]

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What The Walking Dead: Try

March 25, 2015 Spencer Williams 0

Hey all of you disturbed, Walking Dead fans! Welcome back to another tragic week in The Walking Dead. Do you ever take the time to consider how much more stressful this show makes our lives? […]

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What The Walking Dead: Spend

March 17, 2015 Spencer Williams 0

Hello fans! I know you are all just dying to talk about The Walking Dead…and I mean that literally…everyone is DYING! Lets get into this bloody episode! So Glenn, Tara, Noah aka Chris Rock, and […]


What The Walking Dead: Them

February 17, 2015 Spencer Williams 0

Welcome back fans of The Walking Dead! We have an exciting episode to talk about this week….. oh wait…. no we don’t? Lets talk about it.. So usually after a dramatic death, we see our […]