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April 8, 2018 Chiffon Dior

  *OUT OF NOWHERE, ERIC BISCHOFF’S THEME, “I’M BACK” BEGINS TO PLAY AND CHIFFON DIOR WALKS OUT* CD: Welcome everyone to the shocking return of WERRRK.com’s WRESTLEMANIA preview! Please welcome the advocate for our site, […]

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How Chyna Broke the Walls.

April 22, 2016 Sidney Stokes

The 90’s were a great time to be a kid, truly. We didn’t have YouTube, we didn’t Netflix, we damn sure didn’t chill, and social media meant we hung out with our friends in their […]

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WERRRK.com 2016 Wrestlemania Preview

April 3, 2016 Sidney Stokes

Happy Wrestlemania Sunday everyone! Normally we do a big roundtable preview of the biggest wrestling show of the year but logistically we couldn’t pull it off. But fear not because WERRRK.com’s own version of Byron […]

2016 WWE Royal Rumble
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WERRRK.com 2016 Royal Rumble Preview

January 24, 2016 Chiffon Dior

Chiffon Dior: Welcome everyone to the 2nd Annual WERRRK.com Royal Rumble Preview Roundtable! As always, I am your hostess for the evening, WERRRK.com Head Diva in Charge, Chiffon Dior! I’m joined once again by my […]

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Grappling with Drag Race (Part I)

April 21, 2014 Chiffon Dior

Every Monday night like clockwork, fans tune in droves to see their heroes, larger than life men in elaborate costumes, performing amazing feats and carrying out elaborate storylines. No, for once, we’re not talking about […]