Westwords with Spencer: The Passenger

July 17, 2018 Spencer Williams

Freeze all motor functions. I have returned! Some might say I am so late because I was on vacation, but really I was just giving the audience time to catch up so we can avoid […]


Westwords with Spencer: Kiksuya

June 11, 2018 Spencer Williams

Surprise! I bet you thought you saw the last of me. Welcome back to another edition of “Westwords with Spencer”, the only Westworld recap you should actually care about. Especially if you love unsolicited Lord […]


Westwords with Spencer: Les Écorchés

June 4, 2018 Spencer Williams

Greetings everyone! Welcome to another “Westwords with Spencer”, the only Westworld recap that seems to really matter. This week’s episode, Les Écorchés, was a big one especially if you enjoy beautiful women robot leads with an […]


Westwords with Spencer: Reunion

April 30, 2018 Spencer Williams

Well howdy partners! Welcome to the second installment of “Westwords with Spencer”! I am your non-robotic host, Spencer. Tonight’s episode, Reunion, takes us here and there to gain some insight on why this beautiful nightmare […]