Talking Drag Race with Chiffon Dior: Episode Eleven “Hello, Kitty Girls”


Episode Eleven “Hello, Kitty Girls”

When professional wrestling looks down on you for being so obviously staged, you might be doing something wrong. I’m not sure what is going on this season of Drag Race but strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Now I’m not some big shot television producer (although Chiffon Weinstein has a nice ring to it) but infuriating the majority of your audience on successive weeks ( and really for most of the season) doesn’t sound like a winning formula. After the third episode this year, I vented about the direction the show was headed. (Check it out here.) This show feels like it is a major crossroad to me. Either this season is the beginning of the end or it’s the end of the beginning. I guess that choice is up to the powers that be behind the show.


I really have no desire to go in-depth on this episode even though it means I won’t get to use my great line about Violet eye-f*cking Santino. I won’t even get to use this fun former Mrs. Stamos GIF.



The bottom line on last night’s episode is it never should have even come down to this, but here is what I will leave you with……






So we’re down to the final four queens, albeit what seems to be the weakest top four ever. Be sure to vote in our poll for who you think will win this season. Last week the dearly departed Katya continued to lead in our vote, followed by Violet and Ginger! Who moved the needle this week?  Until next week, remember to have your drag queens neutered and spayed. 


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