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So with all the fancy folks we have here at, it’s only logical that some of us would be doing some pretttttty cool stuff from time to time. Rather than give these huge scoops to the people at TMZ or Gawker or even our buddies at Fox News, we decided to keep it in house, hence “TALKING TO OURSELVES” was born! This week, Sidney and Kaddie get together to spill the tea on their experiences at DragCon! You’re welcome. (Check out NS4W’s DragCon Photo Album #1 here and #2 here!)



Sidney Stokes: Hey Not Safe 4 Werkers, welcome to the NotSafe4Werk recap of the first ever DragCon! Now that Kaddie and I were able to sleep (whatever that is) and wake up from lacefront dreams, we are ready to give you the full dish on this….*looks around*….LEGENDARY….event. Kaddie….how are you doing?

Kaddie O’Keefe: Well rested! I didn’t sleep at all during DragCon so I spent the last day or two hibernating like a bear. You?

SS: I’m still not 100%, which way is up and if I’m not sure if I actually smell hairspray or it’s just a phantom smell….but otherwise…I’m doing fantastic. So now that we’re rested and on our 4th mimosa of the day….let’s jump back to Saturday morning at 10am…Rupaul with his giant scissors…what was going through your head before Ru gave the big snip?

KK: Haha I was still driving to LA at that point. Honestly, I go into these things with zero expectations. Then I’m never disappointed! But I was expecting there to be some amazing looking queens. I didnt even bother getting pretty, no way I was going to look as good as those ladies! Was there anything you were looking forward to seeing?

SS: Well, I for one thought you looked pretty with your pretty pink hair and sexy baseball T available at *wink to camera*

KK: Well thank you. We both looked pretty snazzy. A cute work uniform? That’s what I’m talking about!

SS: Oh Miss O’Keefe how you do go on… seriously….go on….Chiffon normally tears me down during things like this….I need to feel loved. I wont lie, watching Ru cut that ribbon was really incredible. Being mere feet from such a gay icon is always something that no matter ones level of excitement, brings one back to the moment so they can savor it in. Once I got in there I was taken aback by how much was there. I could stare at the map of the room for an hour and not know what to do first. As a long time drag fan I felt like I wanted to sing like I was in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…..except minus the empty calories.

KK: The whole thing was quite an experience. I really enjoyed seeing all the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, I used to know a lot of them back in my BDSM days. It was nice to see them all being so fabulous. We even got some Leather Daddies in there on Sunday.

SS: What is interesting is this fell the same weekend of Long Beach Pride, the kickoff of Pride Season, so it really felt like a really new way to kick off Pride.

KK: It was also the same weekend as DomCon LA. There was all sorts of fun stuff going on this weekend.

SS: I think what was most stunning was the level of excitement of everyone there. In talking to all the queens, they were so genuinely touched by the reality of where drag started to where it has come to with this event.

KK: Yeah you could hear it in the halls. If someone important walked by, the cheers told you exactly where you should go! ha.

SS: I saw families with kids there. All taking in the ambiance. Giving their kids a new experience that will lead to a greater acceptance of all people. I only went to a couple of panels personally but I loved walking around the venue seeing the sights.

KK: I think my favorite family moment was these two bearded dudes with their wives, they bought long wigs to wear around and you could just tell they were so into it.

SS: While Drag was the main focus, I feel like the largest safe space of expression was created and it felt so right.

KK: It really did. No one looked uncomfortable. What was something you’d like to see next year that wasn’t there this year?

SS: More than one bar.

KK: hahaha Truth!!! That line was long.

SS: I mean…come on….every other booth should have been a bar. Honestly I want them to always keep this fresh and exciting.

KK: Id really like to see them grow big enough to be in the main convention center area! I’m so used to that area being FILLED with Cosplayers, I kinda expected that a little with queens. I want to see it bigger, bigger, bigger! I want to drown in the rhinestones!

SS: Personally I would have like to have seen more local queens involved. If you have an event like this, I would want local queens invited to this. It would have felt more tied to the local community. Oh and I totally agree. I feel they didn’t expect the numbers they drew…which is a good problem to have.

KK: Which is a good sign! I’d like to see a bigger autograph area too, separated from the vendor hall.

SS: Totally! They should have had the bigger queens in a convention room upon themselves

KK: Yeah, some of the lines were confusing, but for a first year con they did really well so I don’t feel like I can complain!

SS: Agreed!

KK: What was the most interesting interview you did?

SS: Hmmmmmm. I would like to say Bebe Zahara Benet or Sasha Belle, two totally different Drag Race and life experiences that gave such a great thought on how far everything has come.

KK: Can’t wait to see those interviews once they are live on NS4W!

SS: I believe your wish is Chiffon’s command! (Editors Note: Those interviews are available here on our YouTube page. Be sure to subscribe!)

KK: Oh, well then we are fucked. ABANDON SHIP!

SS: Scoot over in the lifeboat!

KK: Did you get to meet any of your favorite queens? Was there someone you wanted to meet but didn’t?

SS: Ummm hmm….I would have liked to meet Violet and Miss Fame but didn’t. I’m sure there’s a time for that to happen! How about you?

KK: I think I met everyone I wanted to, some people were harder to get to than others. but I feel pretty satisfied smile plus I got to sit on Santa’s lap in middle of May, so that was neat.

SS: AMAZING! I think next year I’ll try and do more panels, I was so focused on the main area that I forgot to do other stuff, though the tucking panel was quite the experience.

KK: Yeah I didn’t see as many panels as I’d like to either but the ones I did see were pretty good. Sharon singing Sweet Transvestite really made me miss my Rocky Horror days!

SS: Literally anything makes me miss Rocky Horror. So Kaddie. What was the most important thing you took away from the weekend that you didn’t think before?

KK: While queens throw a lot of shade, there is a general feeling of acceptance and sisterhood that some communities don’t have and it was nice to see that on its basic level. That and I need to get my ass in gear and grow myself a fucking beard. How about you?

SS: I think my biggest takeaway is how truly important this is to people. While one can hear stories how these queens have changed lives, really seeing it live was touching. It shows that the carnival of characters that is the GLBTQQI community really are our best support system. It was a very big moment for the queer community this weekend.

KK: Yesss, seeing people inspired by these queens was beautiful.

SS: Well I think that is the perfect way to close out Drag Con 2015. I want to say a huge thank you to all the NotSafe4Werkers who came up to us and told us they love the site. It really meant a lot to hear that and I hope to see even more of you next year.

KK: I definitely look forward to next year!

SS: Well that does it for us! Thanks so much all, we hope to see everyone again next year!

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